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!!TOP!! FULL Micrografx Graphics Works LE (1993)


FULL Micrografx Graphics Works LE (1993)

PIGEON GROUP'S VERSION OF MULTI- PORT COMPUTER CAMERA Software for the 5IN COLOR TV DIGITAL Hi- Fi Television 6in.. 6in. Reviews, interactive features, and reviews of our products. With a few exceptions, such as the . He thought the CGU would be a good solution for his problem because it was fast and free . (3) Creating a New Project The first time you create a new project, you will get a dialog box similar to Figure 9, described below. To place your project in the folder, click on the Choose Folder button at the top of the window. The choice is up to you and is based on how you want the project to be organized in the future. Project creation options include: Start new project. , Execute my macros on file open and/or save. (4) Creating a New Project The next step is to create a new project. Figure 9. Project creation options: Start a new project, execute my macros on file open and/or save, and view the option dialog. To create a new project, right-click the Data folder and choose New > Project. A dialog box appears, as shown in Figure 10. Figure 10. Creating a new project. The simple interface lets you easily create a project that will do the following: Organize you projects into folders and subfolders. Save and open projects from and to your hard disk. Export files to other programs. Incorporate your own Macro Files into the project. Format files in a format that will be recognized by most graphic editors. Choose the type of project and file format that you want to create. Let's go over each of these items in more detail. (5) Organize projects into folders and subfolders Let's first create a folder to hold the projects you will work on. Right-click in any empty area of the Data folder and choose New > Folder to create a new folder. The folder name is the name you want to give to this new folder. Click the OK button. The folder now appears in the Data folder. Now we will create a subfolder to hold our projects. Right-click in any empty area of

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!!TOP!! FULL Micrografx Graphics Works LE (1993)

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